Our carpet cleaning company uses all of the premium cleaning materials on the market, which will clean and protect your carpets from dirt and stains in the future.

One of the primary products we offer to protect your carpet from dirt and stains is Scotchgard.

This process, known as Scotchgarding, does the following things:

It will protect both carpets and upholstery from being damaged by oil and water based stains.
It helps carpet fibers to keep from opening up and being permanently soiled.
It will encourage spills to blot before they become stains.
It also helps stains release from the carpet much more easily when they are cleaned after the fact.
It will generally help carpets stay clean longer, protecting against fruit drinks, wine, soft drinks and things like popsicles or other foods that can melt and stain.
It will make a carpet look more like it did when it was first installed.
It also allows vacuuming to be more effective, so you can completely clean your carpet yourself on a regular basis.
It will also fill in scratches in carpets or upholstery, so imperfections can be covered up or removed.
It will just make the life of the carpet last longer in the future, bringing back some of the new luster to a carpet that is many years old.

We use 3M brand cleaning products, among others and we offer discount pricing on all of our services, including Scotchgarding carpets and upholstery. 3M recommends that an application of scotchgard is done on all carpets after the carpet has been cleaned or installed. This reinforces stain-blocking qualities of stain-resistant nylon fibers, like Stainmaster. It also causes dirt and stains to rarely adhere to the actual fibers of the carpet itself, so that it can quickly be blotted or vacuumed up, removing the stain as if it never occurred. Even if you have had your carpet Scotchgarded in the past, a few years time makes carpets vulnerable to permanent stains again. It may be a good idea to do it again, to rebuild the stain and dirt protection to your aging carpet fibers.

We are dedicated to each job for each customer and we pride ourselves on the great job we do and the professionalism of all of our employees.