a few words about us

My name is Chad Hefke. I am the owner of Royal Treatment Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. Together with my wife Colleen we run Royal Treatment with honesty and strong moral principle. I Started cleaning carpets in 1996. I worked my way up in a company in Naperville until I was managing their cleaning employees. One Sunday in 2006 I was sitting in church with this little, old usher. He was asking me what I wanted to do with my life. I told him that "I wanted to start my own business." "Really!" he exclaimed. "I know a guy who has a truck. I'll have him give you a call." Thinking to myself that I would never hear from this guy, I thanked the usher and went on my merry way. A couple days later this guy calls me up and asks me if I'm interested in buying his carpet cleaning van. I was worried because it was a 1996 van. I figured it would have too many miles. He proceeded to tell me that right after he bought the van and all the equipment brand new, he got a DUI and he couldn't drive it. Then he had triple bypass surgery and the doctor said he could never clean again. So I bought the cleaning truck and still get goosebumps to this day thinking about how I felt like I was sitting next to God that day and he was wearing the unlikely disguise of our usher. Eight years of jobs later and 4 kids means I'm hear to clean for you.

Chad Hefke
Royal Treatment Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning LLC