Area Rug Cleaning

When it comes to a topic as important as area rug cleaning, there are always a few key things to keep in mind. No two area rugs are created equally, especially when it comes to their design, the material that was used during their construction and other important qualities. As a result, you can't necessarily use the same cleaning techniques on one that you would use on another as you run the risk of causing permanent damage to the piece.

When you discuss area rug cleaning, you also have to consider the nature of the stain or dirt issue in question. If someone tracked mud indoors from outside, for example, you wouldn't necessarily use the same cleaning techniques that you would to clean up a glass of red wine. As area rug cleaning professionals, we have the knowledge and passion that it takes to make your precious area rug look the best that it can in record time.

We're a top notch carpet cleaning company that uses all premium cleaning materials

We understand just how important that your area rug is to you, which is why we make sure to only use the highest quality materials for the absolute best possible results. Some cleaning companies are only focused on one thing: a high turnover rate. They believe that by cleaning carpets as fast as they can and skimping on the cleaning materials, they can find success in the market place. We believe in the opposite - by being as professional as we can and by giving your area rug the care and attention it deserves, our service will speak for itself.

We also pay special attention to any delicate fibers that may be present in the rug's original construction. There's no sense in cleaning an area rug if you're going to ruin the wonderful and unique texture in the process. We know exactly what your specific rug will need to look simply amazing before you know it.

Additionally, we also offer a variety of different extra services that you can choose to get depending on your preferences. We offer blower drying, dehumidifier drying and more.

We specialize in a wide range of different types of materials that include but are not limited to:

Silk rugs
Hand knotted rugs
Braided rugs
Oriental rugs

Wool rugs
Custom made area rugs and more.