Upholstery Cleaning

If you’re wondering how often to have your upholstered furniture cleaned, we recommend anywhere from 12 to 18 months. Even if you vacuum your furniture weekly, it won’t remove deep-down dirt and odors that build up from every day use. Perspiration, germs and food stains are just a few of the elements that collect on furniture. We use a cleaning method known as hot water extraction to clean upholstery. This method has the ability to remove contaminants and stains in upholstery. As a matter of fact, it’s the preferred method by top fiber manufacturers, such as Monsanto and DuPont. It’s also an eco-friendly method recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Hot water extraction is an upholstery cleaning method that uses a cleaning solution with hot water. The water is heated to approximately 250 degrees. A truck-mounted hose sprays the solution deep into the surface at high pressure. Dirt, dust and other debris are then extracted by a high-powered vacuum. Hot water extraction is ideal for both synthetic and natural fibered upholstery. It removes stains, abrasive particles and leaves the surface sanitized. Other advantages include a fast drying time and no harmful chemicals that come in contact with people and pets.

We take great care when cleaning our customers’ upholstery.

Prior to cleaning any piece of upholstered furniture, our cleaning team will inspect the furniture fabric for any heavy soiling and spotting that may need special attention. Our team will also identify the fabric type and dye before cleaning. Our expert technicians have vast material and product knowledge. We also use drop clothes to protect floor surfaces and other household items. Special attention is given to delicate fibers like silk or wool.

For these delicate and water-sensitive fabrics, we also offer a dry cleaning method upon request. With this method, dry cleaning solvent is carefully administered to the material in question. The solvent is then promptly extracted.

With hot water extraction for upholstered furniture, furniture looks rejuvenated and has a fresh smell. It even helps prolong the lifespan of expensive furniture. With professional hot water extraction, debris and dirt are prevented from cutting upholstery fibers. It also creates a healthy-indoor environment by removing germs and pollutants.

If you’re seeking to have your precious upholstery cleaned, we’re the experts to get the job done right.