Commercial Carpet Cleaning

What We Do

We provide a quality commercial carpet cleaning service at a reasonable price. We use premium cleaning detergent, a fact that separates us from the majority of our competitors. We only permit those of our employees with experience whom have proven their quality of work is above par to clean our customer's carpet.

Why Choose Us

We are close to having accumulated 20 years of commercial carpet cleaning experience. In that time, we have learned exactly what works and does not work with regard to cleaning carpet. We strive to always do our best to make sure the customer is completely satisfied.

How We Are Different

To begin with, we mostly use encapsulation in commercial settings. Encapsulation is a process by which hot water mixed with premium encapsulating detergent, is laid down over the carpet, allowed to soak gently and agitated while still at an elevated temperature. However, we also have the option of steam cleaning, an alternative to encapsulation that is proven to work better in certain circumstances. Either way, we are equipped to clean almost any type of carpet in any work or residential conditions.

Our Philosophy

With 19 years in the business, we've come to realize that the biggest mistake a commercial carpet cleaning company can make is to rush. Those companies that try to move through jobs as quickly as possible are forced to take shortcuts and their short-sighted solutions can cost a carpet life.

Specifics of Our Service Quality

We use as little detergent as possible -- and detergent that is of the highest quality -- to get the carpet clean and protect it.

We use corner guards to protect corners. Rather than slamming our machines into walls and fouling up and/or breaking drywall, trim and paint, we protect your corners and walls from potential damage.

We offer Partition Divider Cleaning. Not all cleanable material is on a horizontal surface. In order to clean fabric that is on an angle or vertical wall, special equipment and an understanding of how to use it is required. We have both.


As with anything in life, it's best to understand exactly what to expect before making a commitment. Call us for a consultation and give us the opportunity to prove we are the right company for your carpet cleaning needs.