Odor Removal Services

Take a good look at your carpet after you have vacuumed. It looks clean, doesn't it? You may have sprinkled powdery carpet refresher on it before vacuuming so now it even smells clean.

Unfortunately, your carpet is deceiving you. Even after excessive vacuuming, each individual carpet fiber still harbors smelly, dirty lurkers that want nothing more than for you to vacuum once or twice a week. That way they can keep clinging to your carpet's fibers, contaminating you and your family's living area, attracting more lurkers and dramatically reducing the life of your carpet.

These lurkers also have names:

Volatile organic compounds
Dust mites
Food particles (rotting food and milk)
Pet dander/feces
Allergens (pollen, dust, fungal spores, shedded insect skins)
Cigarette smoke chemicals
You Can't Purge Your Carpet of Toxic Lurkers by Simple Vacuuming

Stains, smells and bacteria colonies resist simple vacuuming. Moreover, sprinkling carpet refresher only masks the odors--it doesn't get rid of them permanently. Pet urine stains are probably the worst type of stain to eliminate because of the composition of animal urine--it's acidic, it's colored and it's warm. Acidic solutions establish the stain, the warmth activates dye sites in the carpet's fibers and the yellow hue of pet urine penetrates easily down to the padding. Additionally, neglecting to have pet stains professionally removed allows the urine to become alkaline, which means you could end up with a bleached spot on your carpet.

Premium Carpet Cleaning Solutions Neutralize and Destroy Odors

You might as well just lay a bed sheet over your carpet if you use over the counter carpet cleaning products because that's all those "cleaning" products accomplish--masking odors and merely hiding stains for short periods of time. Once odor molecules start penetrating the sheet, you are right back where you started--with a dirty, smelly, unhealthy carpet.

Furniture Upholstery and Car Interiors Also Contain Lurkers

Got smells and stains on your home furniture and in your car? Automobile carpet and cloth seats are even more absorbent than home carpeting because of the small containment area. In addition, your furniture is constantly subjected to skin oils, airborne contaminants, spills that seep down into the spring area and, of course, lounging pets and rambunctious kids.

Don't Mask Lurkers--Destroy Them with Professional Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Extend the life of your carpet, improve your family's health and keep your home smelling fresh and clean by having professional carpet cleaning technicians remove stains and odors with industry-made solutions and state-of-the-art equipment. It's the only way you'll be sure to get rid of those stubborn carpet "lurkers".