Carpet Cleaning

As residential carpet cleaning experts, we understand that your carpets are a significant financial investment in your home. Having a professional clean your carpets on a regular basis adds to the beauty of your home and potentially helps the carpets last longer.

Each day your carpets are exposed to dirt, stains, dust mites, pet dander and various allergens. These contaminants embed themselves deep within your carpet. Over time, the buildup of these allergens can affect the air quality of your home, polluting the air you breathe each day.

Vacuuming only removes loose soiling and debris from your carpet. Household spotters generally only clean the surface of the carpet and are unable to penetrate deeply enough to remove the toughest allergens. Additionally, these store-bought cleaners can sometimes damage your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning service safely removes these contaminants, while restoring and preserving your carpet. Compared to other cleaning companies, we use a premium cleaning detergent in just the right amount to clean and protect your carpets. Some companies overload your carpets with highly alkaline detergents or shampoos to clean faster also resulting in a PH imbalance. This method causes carpets to resoil quickly, meaning you'll need to have your carpets cleaned more often.

You won't have to worry about that with our company. We take pride in getting the job done right and we'll take the time to give you the thoroughly cleaned carpets you're paying for.

With 19 years of professional carpet cleaning experience, we focus on doing a great job for our customers, with many of our long-term clients referring us to their families and friends.

We provide the following services when cleaning your carpets:

Hot water extraction (encapsulation on request)
​Two-brush scrubbing system in heavily soiled areas
Corner guards and tarps to protect floors
Removal of filtration lines (those dark lines of embedded dust along the walls and under doors caused by filtration systems)
Pre-treatment of tough stains and ground-in dirt
Elimination of annoying carpet odors including cigarette smoke, cooking odors and pet odors
Thorough deep cleaning to remove allergy-causing contaminants such as dirt, dust mites, pollen and bacteria
Professional cleaning in hard-to-reach areas such as stairs, near baseboards and in corners

Call 630.877.7472 today for a free estimate on your residential carpet cleaning job. We're certain you'll find our years of experience and enthusiasm for getting the job done right exactly what you need to protect your carpet investment and the health of yourself and your family.